How to choose your leggings

how to choose your leggings. Breathable, comfortable, moisture wicking and quick drying. High waisted leggings.

Before choosing, think about when you will wear your leggings. What kind of workouts do you prefer?

If you are a runner or a fitness girl, you will want your leggings to provide support, comfort, that second-skin feel, and to have pockets. So you can deposit your phone, your card or your keys. In this case, we recommend our Extra Soft Leggings. They are high-waisted and are made from a soft techno fabric that offers you optimal breathability, quick moisture-wicking, and the right amount of compression. 

If you are a yoga or pilates girl, you will want your leggings to be super stretchy. So you can move freely between your poses. In this case, you can surely choose your favorite between our three models:

  • Motion Shine Leggings are ultra-lightweight, super stretchy, and comfortable;
  • Sheer Active Leggings are a good choice because of their techno fabric which allows you to move freely. They feel like a second skin. And if you are reaching for the stars, they are your perfect match.
  • Extra Soft Leggings come with an extra soft feel, they follow your body every move. So yes, they are perfect for yoga.

If you like hiking, then you should know that the best leggings for walking are also those that are breathable and sweat-wicking.

If you just want a pair of leggings as a casual option, then comfort will be the highest priority for you. You might also want them to be high-waisted and flattering. We have you covered for this. Choose your favorite. Or all of them. It's ok to live in. We also do it.

Or if you want your leggings for the athleisure look, you will want to stand out. In order to make a difference, choose the Sheer Active Leggings. They are out of the ordinary for sure: made from Econyl® Regenerated Nylon, you will look good, feel good while also respecting the environment.  

Whatever you choose, just stay active.