Garment Care

Ankho Garment Care

Garment Care


Our performance activewear is made with premium finest fabrics and innovative finishing techniques.
To prolong the life of your garment, please follow the instructions below:

wash cold

Wash cold

no fabric softener

No fabric softener

air dry

Air dry

no tumble dry

Do not tumble dry

iron low heat if needed

Iron low heat if needed

do not iron on prints

Do not iron on prints

do not bleach

Do not bleach

Gentle wash at 30°.

To prevent your clothes from color running, color fading, or shrinkage, wash them in cold water.
Also, we recommend avoiding washing activewear with fleece material and towels.
To protect prints, turn items inside out before washing.

Do not use fabric softener.

Avoid using fabric softener because this can ruin the fabric elasticity of your piece.

Air dry.

After removing your clothes from the wash, turn them inside-out and hang them to dry in a well-ventilated area.

Do not tumble dry.

The intense heat from the dryer reduce elasticity and alter the performance of your activewear.

Iron low heat if needed.
Do not iron over print.
Do not bleach.
Avoid contact with direct heat.
Avoid contact with rough surfaces.